Healthpoint transforms clinical practice by adopting intuitive patient-care technology

First hospital in the country to implement the GetWellNetwork system designed to enhance personalized patient care and outcomes

Patients at Healthpoint, the multi-specialty hospital in Abu Dhabi and part of Mubadala’s healthcare network, will soon be able to take a more active role in their treatment and recovery, owing to the installation of an advanced intuitive media platform designed to offer personalized support and information, upon checking in. Healthpoint will be the first hospital in the UAE to implement the system designed by GetWellNetwork®, Inc., the leader in Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC) solutions, helping healthcare providers engage patients and families, to improve outcomes and performance.

Much like a luxury hotel, the TV screen in the rooms will welcome the Healthpoint patient, give them an orientation, and will also allow them to communicate with their caregivers and ask for their satisfaction review when they check out. More importantly, the platform will educate the patient about their condition, advise them on how to take better care of their health, and even provide detailed information about the medication prescribed to them. The system’s offering is also extended to the patient’s family, so that they are better informed and can help in their recovery.

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds at a rapid pace, the healthcare sector stands to benefit from the efficiency, accuracy, speed and convenience brought about by the latest medical tools and systems in engaging with patients. The intuitive, patient-centric platform forms an innovative approach to healthcare, which in-turn helps to increase patient satisfaction and results.

Set to be officially up-and-running in September, the platform will be present in all in-patient rooms across the hospital, and will feature three different experiences targeted at: adults, pediatric and senior-citizen care.

“Healthpoint’s patient-centric approach is one of its core strategies, as our patients are at the heart of all everything we do. One way for us to ensure that we continue to serve our patients’ best interest, is by adopting new and latest technologies. GetWellNetwork’s focus on patient-centric solutions ties in seamlessly with our own values at Healthpoint. Our patients will now be empowered to proactively engage in their care and recovery, and this advanced system will go a long way in ensuring the best care and treatment for them”, said Sarah Staal, Chief Administrative Officer at Healthpoint.

GetWellNetwork employs design and usability best practices to create a personalized, intuitive experience for all patients, which address the distinct requirements of the different patient demographics.

“Healthpoint has a bold and innovative vision for improving the lives of the patients and families they serve. As the first to deploy interactive patient care technology in the region, they are breaking new ground in helping patients take a more active role in their health. We couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with them,” said Michael O’Neil, founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork.

Currently, the platform is available and accessible to in-patients only, however Healthpoint plans to make the service available to out-patients in the near future.