GetWellNetwork All-In-One PLC Used by VA Achieves EPEAT Certification

GetWellNetwork®, Inc., the leader in Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC) solutions, announced today that it has achieved silver-level Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certification for their product, the GetWellNetwork All-In-One PatientLife Console (PLC).

The GetWellNetwork All-In-One PLC is a 19-inch touch-screen device that includes the PC necessary to operate GetWellNetwork’s inpatient IPC solution and also provides television functionality. The All-In-One is positioned at the bedside of VA Medical Center patients for easy navigation of GetWellNetwork and the TV, and a sip-and-puff device can also be connected to enable control for patients with limited mobility, spinal cord injuries or paralysis from the neck down. Sealed for infection control, the All-In-One delivers greater ease of use while also saving space within each patient’s hospital room. GetWellNetwork partnered with Onyx Healthcare to reduce environmental and health impacts and achieve EPEAT certification.

EPEAT is the definitive trusted source of environmental global product ratings that makes it easy to select high-performance electronics that support organizations’ IT and sustainability goals. Managed by the Green Electronics Council, EPEAT currently tracks more than 4,400 products from more than 60 manufacturers across 43 countries.

“Government agencies face growing information demands, shrinking budgets, and a federal mandate to reduce energy consumption, increasing demand for solutions that reduce agencies’ costs and environmental footprint,” said David Wright, senior vice president, Government Services, GetWellNetwork. “The EPEAT certification marks another important milestone in GetWellNetwork’s efforts to enhance and expand the services, certifications and capabilities that support and fulfill VA regulations and requirements. It is an important step in our continuing effort to expand the scope and depth of resources to better serve our nation’s veterans through the VA Health System.”

As head of GetWellNetwork’s Government Services, Wright brings more than 30 years of executive leadership experience, with 13 years specifically in the field of Interactive Patient Care (IPC). He works closely with VA/DOD leaders to leverage IPC to achieve organizational goals and to transform the care experience for Veterans and Active Duty Military Men and Women.

GetWellNetwork’s partnership with the VA and DOD spans 35 Medical Centers, including 12 Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs) across the country, providing IPC solutions including GetWellNetwork Inpatient, GetWellNetwork Ambulatory and GetWellNetwork’s unique Marbella data collection and reporting tool. IPC technology through GetWellNetwork is increasingly used to support many VA strategies and programs, including Whole Health, telehealth and veterans’ access to information, education and personalized health intervention in the ambulatory clinic setting.

“Government agencies today are required to use EPEAT to acquire environmentally-friendly electronics, as well as ensure that Energy Star features are enabled on computers and monitors,” explained Robin Cavanaugh, senior vice president and chief technology officer, GetWellNetwork. Cavanaugh added: “At GetWellNetwork, sustainability is more than another box on the compliance matrix. We are building environmental efficiencies into product design and overall business strategy to help federal agencies achieve environmental stewardship and cost savings.”