GetWellNetwork Expands SaaS Offerings, Gains Foothold in the Middle East

GetWellNetwork®, Inc., the Precision Engagement™ health care company, has announced it has partnered with a top tier cloud vendor in the Middle East to expand access to two of its flagship products, GetWell Go™ and GetWell Rounds+™. The Middle East represents a robust growth market for GetWellNetwork, and its new cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service offerings will enable the company to grow its footprint in the region. By partnering with one of the largest public cloud services providers globally, GetWellNetwork customers can be confident that its new cloud-based applications will comply fully with data sovereignty rules in the Middle East.

Improving patient engagement through technology

Just like those in the U.S., hospitals and health systems in the Middle East are moving quickly towards value-based care initiatives, and are laser-focused on improving the patient experience to help attract and keep new patients. Patient engagement solutions can also be used to glean more value from high cost medical technology, as well as help bridge language and cultural divides that are common in countries with large expatriate and immigrant communities.

“Improving patient and family engagement through technology is a universal goal,” said Michael O’Neil, founder and chief executive officer, GetWellNetwork. “There are many tenets of effective engagement that can be replicated and exported across cultures. Access to information and patient education are core concepts that pertain to any demographic around the world.”

As health systems in the region expand their commitment to patient engagement beyond the four walls of the hospital, access to cloud-based tools will ensure adherence to stringent privacy and security standards, wherever—and on whatever device—clinicians and patients access GetWellNetwork solutions.

A new way to access GetWellNetwork solutions

The two solutions now available as cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service tools, are:

GetWell Go. To ensure they remain engaged even after leaving the hospital, patients can securely access health education, medication data and chronic condition management tools 24/7 through the provider’s patient portal or any web-enabled device. Care teams can also monitor progress, prioritize patient outreach and proactively address vital issues.

GetWell Rounds+. A flexible patient rounding tool that offers customizable surveys and supports unlimited use cases, including nurse communication, staff satisfaction, compliance audits, leadership audits and patient and family feedback.

GetWellNetwork’s Middle East client partnerships

GetWellNetwork is proud to be working with two of the Middle East’s premier hospitals to bring Precision Engagement to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries:

  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is utilizing a comprehensive array of GetWellNetwork capabilities and resources to bring a state-of-the-art Interactive Patient Care (IPC) experience to its patients and staff at the King Abdullah Centre for Oncology & Liver Diseases. KFSH&RC is leveraging the most advanced integrations between GetWellNetwork and other HIT systems along with a comprehensive array of Patient Pathways™ to actively and effectively engage patients and their families while in the hospital.KFSH&RC is also utilizing the GetWell Go Discharge Edition to provide patients with ongoing access to education about their condition, care plan and their medications after they are discharged from the hospital. Content on the GetWellNetwork system is fully translated into Arabic, and patients are able to navigate with a unique wireless keyboard that has both English and Arabic keys.
  • Healthpoint, the multi-specialty hospital in Abu Dhabi and part of Mubadala’s health care network, recently went live with GetWell Inpatient, an advanced IPC system designed to engage patients and families with personalized support and information, from check in to discharge. Each Healthpoint hospital room has a Smart TV that gives patients access to the GetWell Inpatient system to help educate the patient about their condition, advise them on how to take better care of their health, and even provide educational information about the medication prescribed to them. To ensure engagement and quality outcomes, the system features three different experiences targeted at adults, pediatric and senior-citizen care. As part of its expanding commitment to patient engagement, Healthpoint will soon leverage GetWellNetwork’s new cloud-based offerings by providing patients access to GetWell Go.

“With the leadership of these premier health care organizations, Precision Engagement is fast becoming a central part of health care in the Middle East,” said O’Neil. “In combination with the latest in-room and health information technology, GetWellNetwork’s solutions are being used to transform the way care is delivered and received. Patients and their families have access to the most advanced resources to help them manage their condition and maintain a healthy life.”