Providing a personalized patient engagement journey

Every person deserves a personalized healthcare experience that engages and informs throughout their whole health journey.

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A person’s health journey is complex.

A person’s health journey is complex. It’s also deeply personal, as today’s patients are increasingly approaching their care as true healthcare consumers. Providing empathetic, personalized care experiences drives improvements in individual and population health outcomes.

Our digital patient engagement solutions provide patients and their families with the right information at the right time to inform them of essential information throughout their care journey, such as:

  • Educational guides
  • Prescription information
  • Follow-up appointment schedules

Meet patients anywhere on the journey

How you provide a person with the information they need to make decisions about their care can be just as important as the information itself.

Get Well’s integrated digital engagement platform enhances care for patients during the physical encounters of care and the “white spaces” in between. Providing education and other engagement elements through multiple devices provides a personal experience that meets patients where they are in the way that is most comfortable to them.

Whether it’s on a tablet in the clinic waiting room, a television in the hospital room, or through the patient’s own device, the care team can develop and cultivate a deeper relationship with each patient. Clinicians can guide patients even when they are not in front of them, encouraging them to stay on their care plan and identifying potential complications so the care team can address them earlier.

Empower people to be proactive in their health journey

The healthcare experience is often siloed, with people receiving care that feels disconnected and uncoordinated. Get Well’s cross-continuum solutions offer a better alternative, delivering a seamless digital experience for patients and their families that helps put the pieces of the puzzle together, and empowers patients to be active participants in their own care.

Get Well guides patients before, during, and after an episode of care, helping them understand what needs to be done now and what to expect next. This commitment to patient-centered care enables self-management and results in improved patient engagement and overall outcomes.

Build long-term loyalty with your patients

Providing a personalized healthcare experience that allows people to access information about their health journey, at their convenience, builds long-term loyalty with patients.

By obtaining and delivering the right information at the right time via automation — whether that’s patient education about a diagnosis, assistance adhering to their daily care plan, or a response to an inpatient service issue — Get Well’s solutions reach people whenever and wherever they need them. The more efficient and seamless the experience, the more likely a patient is to return.

Our solutions allow clinicians to personalize care, which provides a sense of comfort and confidence that people seek during their healthcare journey. Plus, our platform allows them to share positive experiences with their network.