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Press Logo Feb 19, 2018

Imaging for Women reduces wait times with tablet-based registration

The center is reaping the benefits of handing patients an iPad, including improved allocation of staff and receptionists time.
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Press Logo Feb 15, 2018

Thought Leaders in Healthcare IT: Michael O’Neil, CEO of GetWellNetwork (Part 1)

There are tremendous inefficiencies in at the healthcare ecosystem and a large percentage of these can be streamlined with technology.
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Press Logo Feb 9, 2018

Creating Efficiency in the Patient Journey

The transformation to value-based care has placed tremendous focus on delivery of care as it relates to improving patient outcomes, quality, and safety
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Press Logo Nov 14, 2017

Carroll Hospital lifts patient satisfaction scores by integrating nurse rounding tools into EHR

The system boosted its overall rating by more than 15 points in just one quarter
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Press Logo Nov 14, 2017

Improving patient satisfaction scores with digital nurse leader rounding

The experience of Carroll Hospital with a digital inpatient rounding solution shows that there is a better way to do nurse leader rounding
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Press Logo Nov 7, 2017

Interactive Patient Systems Can Help Activate Patients

Interactive patient systems (IPS) are one of the interventions that have been successfully used to increase patient engagement, which includes activation
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Press Logo Oct 10, 2017

4 Key factors in patient engagement

Patient engagement: It’s something all providers want to improve to create better patient outcomes and patient experience scores
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Press Logo Oct 2, 2017

Truman VA upgrades beds as part of modernization effort

Inpatients at the Truman VA hospital will enjoy some new additions, including GetWellNetwork, as part of its modernization initiative
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Press Logo Sep 21, 2017

Expanding Patient Engagement Overseas

There are many universal tenets of effective patient engagement that can easily be exported and replicated, even to cultures that are far different from our own
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