Delivering holistic care to improve patient outcomes

A holistic approach to care enhances the patient experience and improves outcomes for individuals, as well as entire populations.

The healthcare industry is shifting

With the shift from a volume-based to a value-based care system comes an emphasis on the quality of care over the quantity of care delivered. Part of this shift involves a transformation from transactional care to relational care informed by a holistic approach to treating individuals and entire populations.

Advance health equity through cross-population holistic care

Many people face barriers to healthcare because of where they live, their race or ethnicity, or their education level, among other factors. These social determinants of health have a major impact on people’s health, well-being, and quality of life.

Get Well’s patient engagement platform is designed to address social determinants of health and enable the delivery of personalized care tailored to each person’s unique social and medical needs. Our solutions minimize the impact of healthcare disparities among underserved populations moving the system toward healthcare equity.

To improve health equity across the healthcare system, we work with clients to implement personalized and scaled services for the unique patient populations they serve. We deploy easy-to-use technology that meets people where they are, such as:

  • Familiar devices
  • Plain language
  • Familiar faces

As consumer behavior evolves and people increasingly ask for greater control over their healthcare decisions and management, maintaining an equitable experience becomes even more important.

Successful shared decision making takes matters of health equity into account to ensure that the interventions you implement and the tools you leverage reach your most vulnerable patients. Get Well helps organizations provide a truly personalized digital health destination that takes into account the social needs and social risk factors of patients to create an equitable health experience for all.

Improve care quality

Part of delivering a holistic care experience is ensuring clinicians have the tools they need to address barriers to care or prevent health complications that may lead to readmission following an episode of care. This can help maximize reimbursement and lead to better patient care across the board. Get Well’s patient engagement software optimizes patient outcomes through:


View a real-time picture of the patient’s progress.

Discharge planning

Educate patients about next steps to ensure safe discharge from an episode of care.


Connect patients and caregivers to ensure they follow the necessary steps to confidently and effectively self-manage their recovery; your care teams can intervene and assist when needed.

Increase patient satisfaction and enable care coordination

Get Well’s digital patient engagement solutions can help improve patient satisfaction and care coordination to reduce overall costs, making it easy to document patient metrics to qualify for reimbursement.

Regardless of your reimbursement model, we can help.

Value-based care model

We coordinate with post-acute settings to ensure patients stay on track with their care plans, which reduces the overall cost of care per patient.

Fee-for-service model

We help capture additional revenue by improving your HCAHPS and NPS scores, reducing readmission rates, and increasing pharmacy revenue.

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