Promote Health Equity

Address the needs of your most vulnerable patient populations and create a more personalized healthcare experience by capturing and analyzing unique patient data to ensure the right patients receive the right services at the right time. 

GetWellNetwork’s solutions improve health equity 

Many people face barriers to healthcare because of where they live, their race or ethnicity, or their education level, among other factors. These social determinants of health have a major impact on people’s health, well-being, and quality of life.

GetWellNetwork’s integrated patient engagement platform is designed to help organizations address social determinants of health and enable delivery of personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique social and medical needs. Our solutions help to minimize the impact of healthcare disparities among vulnerable populations.  

To improve health equity across the healthcare system, we work with clients to implement personalized and scaled services for their unique patient populations. We deploy  easy-to-use tools that meet patients where they are, using familiar devices, familiar faces, and plain language. As consumer behavior evolves and patients increasingly ask for greater control over their healthcare decisions and management, maintaining an equitable experience becomes even more important. Successful shared decision making must take matters of health equity into account to ensure that the interventions you implement and the tools you leverage reach your most vulnerable patients. GetWellNetwork helps organizations provide a truly personalized digital patient experience that takes into account the social needs and social risk factors of patients to create an equitable health experience for all.  

The power of artificial intelligence

By leveraging artificial intelligence, we are able to quickly coordinate a personalized care experience, enabling healthcare organizations to efficiently and effectively directly capture the social needs of their patients. This allows them to more quickly identify areas for targeted intervention, improving the individual patient experience while also improving the overall health and wellbeing of the entire patient community. 


Connect patients to community resources

Navigate patients to mental health resources and support

Support finding in-network care providers and help schedule appointments

Provide proactive reminders (annual wellness visits, flu shot)

Assist with health plan shopping, enrollment, and onboarding

Assist with health plan shopping, enrollment, and onboarding


Address the needs of vulnerable populations and address health inequities

Capture the social determinants of health and social needs of your patients

Seamlessly follow up with patients to addressing evolving needs

Gain access to real-time reporting and analytics 

Deliver personalized outreach at scale using AI-powered text and and services

Enhance patient profiles through every interaction 

Our cross-continuum platform


Personalized experiences that empower patients and enable top-of-license care

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Give your clinicians a running start to provide the best care for each patient

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Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with digital care management

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Digital onboarding that maximizes practice efficiency and patient satisfaction

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