Grow clinician satisfaction

Allow clinicians to operate at the top of their licenses by streamlining workflow and automating routine tasks and documentation

GetWellNetwork’s solutions grow clinician satisfaction

GetWellNetwork’s integrated digital platform acts as an extension of staff, increasing satisfaction and preventing clinician burnout. By offloading non-clinical tasks through automation, clinicians can now focus on higher value activities such as teach-back and practice at the top of their license.

GetWell Loop increases practice NPS


GetWell Loop increases physician NPS


Patients self-report the ability to avoid office visits by


Percentage of patient questions handled by non-clinical staff


Patient connected icon_circle


Fast responses to questions and concerns
Feel comforted knowing that their care team is aware of their progress
Avoid unnecessary office visits by up to 84% (as self-reported by patients)
Interact with staff who are able to focus on delivering higher quality care than transactional tasks or paperwork
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Triage non-clinical tasks to appropriate team
Automate initial education and documentation
Streamline rounding workflows and reduce documentation
Spend less time on paperwork and more time on patient care
Increase satisfaction and NPS scores
Reduce variation and streamline staff workflow
Optimize in-person visits and reduce office visit expenses

Our cross-continuum platform


Personalized experiences that empower patients and enable top-of-license care

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Give your clinicians a running start to provide the best care for each patient

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Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with digital care management

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Digital onboarding that maximizes practice efficiency and patient satisfaction

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