Coordinate care teams

Break down barriers by building digital hand-offs between care teams and different settings of care

GetWellNetwork’s solutions coordinate care teams

GetWellNetwork’s cross-continuum suite of solutions, tools and strategies, including care coordination software, gives providers the ability to escalate questions and concerns to each other along the patient’s care journey. Care teams have visibility into the status of patients and a platform to coordinate care. This communication across the continuum improves care team coordination, reduces redundancies and improves patient outcomes.

Our cross-continuum platform


Personalized experiences that empower patients and enable top-of-license care

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Give your clinicians a running start to provide the best care for each patient

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Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with digital care management

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Digital onboarding that maximizes practice efficiency and patient satisfaction

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Receive care that feels more personalized and patient-centered
Minimize redundant questions and conflicting information
Move seamlessly from one care setting to the next without losing touch with the providers and care team
Feel confidence in knowing who their care team is and who to reach out to at each phase of care
Provide opportunities for collaborative decision making
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Coordinate care between hospital, clinic and post-acute teams and efficiently escalate issues
Allow case managers and nursing staff to collaborate around discharge process with shared data, leading to smooth transitions and reduced readmission risk
Improve rounding efficiency when multiple teams can view shared feedback from patients
Manage all staff responsibilities in one place, always knowing what is going on with each patient or a group of patients that share common characteristics
Offload non-clinical tasks to appropriate department, allowing clinicians to practice at “top-of-license”