Supporting healthcare providers to boost process improvement

Extend your clinicians’ reach and give them more time to spend on what matters most.

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Healthcare is only as good as the care teams that provide it

The right digital health technology alleviates unnecessary administrative and logistical burdens from providers and staff, streamlining workflows and automating routine tasks and documentation. Digital health technology can also break down barriers by building digital hand-offs between care teams and different settings of care.

The result? Increased clinician satisfaction and scaled reach for care teams, leading to an improved patient experience. It’s technology, for good — ensuring that all patients feel like their care team is with them every step of the way.

Enhance provider focus on patients

Too often, clinicians are forced to balance the needs of their patients with administrative tasks. An hour spent doing administrative work is an hour that could be spent providing value-driven care to a patient and ensuring progress on their health journey.

Our digital patient engagement software alleviates the administrative burden and allows clinicians to reach more of their patients, scaling their impact, no matter the care setting. Now the focus can shift from just the top 10% of high-risk patients and teams can create scalable and personalized experiences for all patients, without hiring more staff. It’s a better use of your time — every time.

Improve staff satisfaction

Digital health technology can act as an extension of staff, increasing satisfaction and preventing clinician burnout. By offloading non-clinical tasks through automation, clinicians can now focus on higher value activities, such as teach-back, and practice at the top of their license.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that health systems must prioritize workforce retention. Reducing administrative tasks can decrease nurse burnout and lower employee turnover. It’s a small change that makes a major difference.

Scale and maximize the impact of your care teams

A patient may interact with several care teams at the same time. Those teams should have equal insight into the patient’s health journey — and they should be able to do so at scale, across the entire patient population.

Our cross-continuum suite of solutions, tools, and strategies gives providers the ability to escalate questions and concerns to other members of the care team along a patient’s health journey. Clinicians have visibility into the status of a patient and a platform to coordinate care. This cross-continuum communication improves care team coordination, reduces redundancies, and leads to better patient outcomes.