COVID-19 series: Here to keep helping

It’s a difficult time for patients, clinicians and the general public right now. I see that all around me — from friends, from family, from GetWellNetwork’s own employees. 

I’m feeling the tension, too. Here in Maryland, as in many states across the country, businesses are shuttered, schools are closed and only essential travel is recommended. Our GetWellNetwork employees are teleworking, logging in from their homes to complete the vital work that needs to get done. To say this hits close to home is an understatement.

So, we decided to mobilize.  

Today, GetWellNetwork is launching a set of tools that hundreds of health systems need and thousands of patients will use. It is the best work we have done in 20 years. 

Our team is exhausted, literally working around the clock, but we are ready. We have more in the tank, and we are fueling each other and being fueled by the potential to have an impact at the most important time. We are focused, we are driven and we are together. 

We needed to act, now. 

With these new tools, I am proud to know that we will help people stay informed and engaged in their care during a time of high anxiety and critical adherence to the plan of care. And we will help healthcare providers triage as they prepare for the predicted overwhelm that’s starting to arrive at their doors.

Here to keep helping.

As health systems are working hard to manage and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we will lend a hand where we can. Education, monitoring and triage are all vital aspects of fighting this pandemic. Only by working together with calm and level heads will our healthcare system be able to flatten the curve, slow the spread and help our friends and neighbors return to wellness.

Let’s make today count.

I wish more than anything that we were heading to Spring Break this weekend as planned, to a big, loud and crazy O’Neil family gathering at the beach. I wish for the noise and hugs and laughter, and even the tears. But, at the same time, I know our mission here is critical — to educate, to triage, to support our clients and clinicians in this crucial time. As long as you need assistance, tools and expertise, we’ll be here to make sure your hospitals and health systems can do their jobs helping our most vulnerable populations.