CHECKLIST: 8 Steps for Preparing Parents & Children for Surgery Day

Parents are a core extension of every pediatric surgery team. Keeping them organized, informed and on track throughout their child’s surgical journey helps to:

  • Ease stress and fears
  • Prevent complications and readmissions
  • Reduce surgery day cancellations and delays

Equipping them with the knowledge and resources to educate and prepare their child for surgery gives them back a sense of control. When parents feel confident about an upcoming procedure, their children often do, too. Families who are prepared have shown to be better able to cope with the situation and recover faster from surgery.

Before surgery


Ask parents about the best way to communicate with them before and after surgery


Provide digestible education for both parents and patients to ensure families are ready for surgery day


When possible, use digital checklists to track progress toward surgery readiness and identify patients at risk for cancellation


Surgery day


Reduce cancellations by reminding parents day, time and location of surgery


Provide education for parents while child is in surgery


Make sure parents know what to expect after surgery and when to call their provider


After surgery


Monitor patient’s progress against post-op care plan


Identify high-risk patients for prioritized care team follow up