4 Ways Practices Can Inspire Patient Loyalty

As technology advances in other industries, consumers expect to see the same in healthcare. This is particularly true when it comes to increased convenience.

Phone scheduling and paper-based registration are no longer the only options, and certainly not the quickest or easiest. From navigating automated phone systems and waiting on endless holds to make an appointment, to sifting through a stack of redundant forms on a clipboard and idling away in a waiting room well past the scheduled appointment start time, tolerance of prolonged waits is dwindling. In some cases, patients spend 30% of scheduling time waiting on hold and the current national average wait time is 18 minutes.

In today’s increasingly self-service, on-demand world, patients are no longer willing to wait. As a result, the “retailization” of on-demand health care is on the rise. To meet the demand, a growing number of urgent care centers, retail clinics and health systems are transitioning to digital intake technology.

Increased access, shortened wait times, improved customer service and transparent pricing are all tenets of a progressive new concept called “convurgentcare” — a consumer-focused holistic strategy that addresses the converging platforms of on-demand care: primary care, urgent care, retail clinics, employer worksites, health clinics and telehealth. When executed properly, this approach is transformational for both patient and provider.

As the industry evolves, leveraging technology to deliver on the four tenets of convurgentcare will become critical for survival. Engaging patients, not just at the hospital bedside, but outside the hospital in on-demand, low-acuity medical care is an important place to start. If done right, organizations will build consumer loyalty and keep patients for life.

Let’s look at each tenet more closely:

1. Increase access: Make it easy for patients to find you

Dynamic online scheduling helps patients find you in an Internet search and makes it easy for them to see which location has the shortest wait time, book an appointment and pre-register.

Patients love: the convenient accessibility
You’ll love: the ability to expand your reach to a larger online audience

2. Shortened wait times: Cut door-to-door time

GetWell Practice offers online pre-registration and digital check-in onsite using a computer kiosk or tablet. Both innovations are proven to cut the time it takes to get a patient registered and into the exam room.

Patients love: the shortened door-to-door time and elimination of tedious paperwork
You’ll love: the ability to maximize the number of patients you can see each day

Digital check-in also saves money on labor and supplies by ditching costly paper-based processing.
Use our ROI calculator to run the numbers yourself. See how much time and money you could save in just one year.

3. Improved customer service: Prepare patients for their visit and improve operational efficiency

The GetWell Go Primary Care Pathway provides patients with timely, targeted information and interactive education before and after their visit. Introduce the provider they’ll be seeing, share information about your practice and offer tips for preparing for an appointment.

Patients love: having access to information and education at their fingertips
You’ll love: the ability to create a great first impression before your patient walks through the door

4. Transparent pricing: Communicate costs in advance

Notify your patients of the cost of co-pay prior to their arrival or before services are rendered. GetWell Practice also offers real-time verification of benefits coverage and supports the ability to collect payment from patients at the point of service. This proactive approach opens the lines of communication and boosts transparency with your patients.

Patients love: the ability to review potential costs and the opportunity to comparison shop for both price and quality
You’ll love: the improved collection rates and the ability to compete on price and quality

Dive deeper

GetWell Practice and GetWell Go are just two highlights of The Patient Platform™ — a cross-continuum suite of integrated solutions, tools and strategies that practices and clinics are using to deliver Precision Engagement™.

Introduced by GetWellNetwork in late 2017, Precision Engagement is a revolutionary model for providing uniquely personalized care guided by a person’s ability to take an active role in their health journey. Simply put, it means connecting with patients at the right time, in the right place and with the right information based on their personal readiness to engage. Learn more about it here.

Dive deeper into how technology can engage health care consumers for life. Watch a video and calculate your ROI.